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Gerard-Georges Lemaire, The Orient in Western Art

The Orient in Western Art  

Gerard-Georges Lemaire  
Ullmann Publishing  

The Orient and the mystical images it evokes have always been a special source of inspiration in the history of European painting. From the Venetian portrayal ...

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, Culina Mediterranea

Culina Mediterranea  

Ullmann Publishing  

Mediterranean cooking is exceptionally popular the world over, more so than almost any other regional style. Pizza and pasta, paella and tortillas, ...                 

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, Human Anatomy For Artist

Human Anatomy For Artist  

Ullmann Publishing  

Boasting more than 1200 highly detailed drawings by Hungarian professor of arts András Szunyoghy, Human Anatomy for Artists offers insights into our physique ...

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, Anatomy Drawing School

Anatomy Drawing School  

Ullmann Publishing  

For centuries, artists have been studying and learning through anatomy, the science of the physical structure of humans and animals. Through it, artists have ...

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, The Great Painters of The Italian Renaissance

The Great Painters of The Italian Renaissance  

Ullmann Publishing  

The Great Painters of The Italian Renaissance Baskı Yılı: 2009 Dili: Türkçe Yayınevi: Ullmann ...                                                                                                             

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Editors of Lyons Press, Lighting Design

Lighting Design  

Editors of Lyons Press  
Ullmann Publishing  

Light is the central design element concerning our perception and has the power to change the mental state we are in. The industrial developments of recent ... 

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Andras Szunyoghy, The Big Book of Drawing

The Big Book of Drawing  

Andras Szunyoghy  
Ullmann Publishing  

If you want to solidly get into drawing, you could not encounter anybody better than András Szunyoghy. His decades of experience as an artist and tutor ...       

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