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Alex Milovsky, Photographing Travel

Photographing Travel  

Alex Milovsky  

How many of us have brought our cameras with us on holiday in hopes of creating a memorable visual record of our trip and been disappointed in the results? ... 

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Bruce Weber, Photographing the Microworld

Photographing the Microworld  

Bruce Weber  

Beyond having specialized macro lenses and plenty of light, if you wish to capture the world of bugs, seedlings, and tiny sea life, you're going to need to ... 

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Danilo Cecchi, Interiors: Inspiration and Materials

Interiors: Inspiration and Materials  

Danilo Cecchi  

Overflowing with inspiring room photos, details, and chips comparing colors and materials-more than 1500 images in all-this comprehensive guide is designed to ...

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Nicholas R Bell, 10 Principles of Good Interior Design

10 Principles of Good Interior Design  

Nicholas R Bell  

Why do some interiors feel harmonious, places where you feel comfortable to relax or to entertain? You don't necessarily need to hire a professional interior ...

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