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Toby Worobiec, Picasso


Toby Worobiec  
National Portrait Gallery  

From spring 1909 through the following winter, Pablo Picasso executed more than 60 portraits of his companion Fernande Olivier. These works-produced in a ...     

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15% Mari Carmen Ramirez, Painting History

Painting History  

Mari Carmen Ramirez  
National Portrait Gallery  

In the aftermath of their revolution, the French public turned to British history as a way of making sense of its recent past. French artist Paul Delaroche was ...

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15% James Stourton, Hans Namuth Portraits

Hans Namuth Portraits  

James Stourton  
National Portrait Gallery  

During the summer and fall of 1950, as Jackson Pollock splattered paint on canvases on the floor of his Long Island studio, a young photographer named Hans ... 

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