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Francois Chevalier, The Horse: From Cave Paintings to Modern Art

The Horse: From Cave Paintings to Modern Art  

Francois Chevalier  

"From cavemen, who regarded the horse simply as a game animal, to contemporary creators of art installations, who treat the horse as a creature of fantasy," ...

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Josep Asuncion, Courbet


Josep Asuncion  

When the great French realist painter Gustave Courbet began his career in the 1840s, grand historical, mythological, and biblical themes were still considered ...

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Francois Chevalier, Classic Yachts

Classic Yachts  

Francois Chevalier  

Tuiga, Mariquita, Cambria, Shamrock, Eleonora, Zaca, Moonbeam, Lulworth, Sunshine, Partridge, Altaïr, Nan, Marilee, and Bona Fide-these legendary sailing ...   

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