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Lidia Parodi, Enigme En Perigord+Cd

Enigme En Perigord+Cd
Lidia Parodi
Black Cat

Bruno and Ludovic are on holiday in Périgord when one day they three suspicious men in the wood with spots of blood on them. What have they been doing? Bruno ...

48 TL

William Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet Drama+Cd

Romeo & Juliet Drama+Cd
William Shakespeare
Black Cat

Nobody can remember why the Capulet family and the Montague family hate each other but the feud is longstanding and brutal. When Juliet Capulet and Romeo ...     

51 TL

, Mystere Du Grenier

Mystere Du Grenier

Black Cat

What is in the attic? And why are noises coming from there only when the adults are asleep? Hélène and André bravely go up the stairs into the attic, ...       

33 TL