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Terry Falke, Oswald Mathias Ungers

Oswald Mathias Ungers
Terry Falke

This profusely illustrated study covers a key period in the career of major German architect Oswald Mathias Ungers, during which he participated in some of the ...

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Clare Wilkinson, From Here to There and Beyond

From Here to There and Beyond
Clare Wilkinson

Milan-based architect and product designer Michele De Lucchi is known internationally for his chairs and lighting. Part of the Memphis group of the early ...     

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Alberto Bassi, Antonio Citterio: Industrial Designer

Antonio Citterio: Industrial Designer
Alberto Bassi

One of Milan's leading industrial designers, Antonio Citterio has collaborated with leading manufacturers in Italy and Europe since the 1970s and has products ...

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Massimo Faiferri, Wiel Arets: Works and Projects

Wiel Arets: Works and Projects
Massimo Faiferri

One of Holland's leading architects, Wiel Arets has won an international following for his spare industrial forms and his theoretical writings. He often works ...

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Masao Furuyama Furuyama, Waro Kishi: Works and Projects

Waro Kishi: Works and Projects
Masao Furuyama Furuyama

Born in 1950 and currently based in Kyoto, Waro Kishi belongs to the generation of Japanese architects that emerged after Tadao Ando (an influence that Kishi ...

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