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Richard Holzer, Robin Rhode: Walk Off

Robin Rhode: Walk Off
Richard Holzer
Hatje Cantz

The work of artist Robin Rhode is attracting increasing interest in Europe, the United States, and Asia as well as his native South Africa. Rhode's themes are ...

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Eik Kahng, Robert Weingarten: 6:30 am

Robert Weingarten: 6:30 am
Eik Kahng
Hatje Cantz

From January 1 to December 31, 2003, whenever he was at his Malibu home, photographer Robert Weingarten would step onto his balcony and, at 6:30 every morning, ...

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Pierre Rosenberg, Nuevas Historias

Nuevas Historias
Pierre Rosenberg
Hatje Cantz

Contemporary photography and video art have played a substantial role in Spain's avant-garde culture; in just a few decades, a closed society under ...                 

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