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Doninique H. Vasseur, Multicultural Modernism

Multicultural Modernism  

Doninique H. Vasseur  

Huge color photographs-many filling two pages-illustrate this survey of leading California firm Steven Ehrlich Architects, whose "Multicultural Modernism" is ...

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American Institute of Architects, Significant Interiors

Significant Interiors  

American Institute of Architects  

From 2000 to 2004 the American Institute of Architects selected 55 projects to receive the Institute Honor Award for Interior Architecture. This album presents ...

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Eik Kahng, The Search for a Modern Classicism

The Search for a Modern Classicism  

Eik Kahng  

With color images on nearly every page of superb new and renovated structures in the traditional style across the British Isles, this beautiful monograph ...     

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Barbara Ehrlich White, Richard Holzer: Architect

Richard Holzer: Architect  

Barbara Ehrlich White  

An architect whose long and productive career helped shape the urban fabric of Panama, Richard Holzer built such landmarks as the Avesa Building, the ...             

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Ellen Maurer Zilioli, In Residence

In Residence  

Ellen Maurer Zilioli  

Showcasing 27 residential and commercial projects from Bethesda, Maryland-based McInturff Architects, this book captures their finely balanced geometric ...       

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Dwight P. Lanmon, Gwathmey Siegel & Associates Architects

Gwathmey Siegel & Associates Architects  

Dwight P. Lanmon  

Selected from the more than 400 projects completed by Gwathmey Siegel & Associates Architects, the works in this handsome monograph include residential ...         

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Stuart Lingo, Form


Stuart Lingo  

An internationally recognized architect, developer, and entrepreneur, John Portman's personal commitment to the integration of art and architecture was evident ...

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Peter Moss, Body Culture 1919-1939

Body Culture 1919-1939  

Peter Moss  

One of Australia's most significant 20th-century photographers, Max Dupain was significantly influenced by the "body culture" movement of the 1930s, argues ... 

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Ines Janet Engelmann, KPF: Selected Works: America, Europe, Asia

KPF: Selected Works: America, Europe, Asia  

Ines Janet Engelmann  

The central focus of the firm, which was founded in 1976 in Columbus, Indiana, and now has offices in London and Tokyo as well, is a commitment to designing ...

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Kolektif, Michael Graves Selected and Current Works

Michael Graves Selected and Current Works  


From the Indianapolis headquarters of Thomson Consumer Electronics, with its postmodernist nod to Greco-Roman columns at the center of a checkerboard facade, ...

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