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John T. Cunningham, Tradition and the Unpredictable

Tradition and the Unpredictable  

John T. Cunningham  
Merrell/MFA Houston  

This remarkable boxed edition presents the Allan Chasanoff collection at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, an intriguing and unconventional assembly of 1050 ...

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Mark Coetzee, The Body of Color

The Body of Color  

Mark Coetzee  
Merrell/MFA Houston  

One of the most innovative Brazilian artists of the 20th century, Hélio Oiticica played a key role in the country's Tropicalia art movement, and in the overall ...

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Karin Davie, Louis Faurer

Louis Faurer  

Karin Davie  
Merrell/MFA Houston  

Louis Faurer was one of America's "quiet" photographers, known for his raw, melancholy, and psychologically charged photographs of life on the street, in ...     

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