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Rick Marschall, Warren Bernard, Egypt and the Ancient Near East

Egypt and the Ancient Near East
Rick Marschall, Warren Bernard
Metropolitan Museum of Art

From Neo-Assyrian winged lions of the 9th century BC to the stunning silver head of a 4th-century AD Sasanian king, this beautifully photographed book from the ...

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Carlos Basualdo, European Drawings

European Drawings
Carlos Basualdo
Metropolitan Museum of Art

Illustrated with 122 color plates and 324 duotones, this volume begins with drawings by Jacques-Louis David and Francisco Goya, reckoned here as the two most ...

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Joyce Goldstein, Glass in the Robert Lehman Collection

Glass in the Robert Lehman Collection
Joyce Goldstein
Metropolitan Museum of Art

Among the exquisite pieces of glass in this catalog are 15th-, 16th-, and 17th-century Venetian pieces and glassà la façon de Venisefrom northern Europe; ... 

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Anna Forlani Tempesti, Robert Lehman Collection

Robert Lehman Collection
Anna Forlani Tempesti
Metropolitan Museum of Art

The 116 Italian drawings analyzed and discussed in this catalog demonstrate the variety of drawings produced in Italy from the 15th to the 17th centuries, a ...

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Jay McKean Fisher, 15. to 18.Century European Paintings

15. to 18.Century European Paintings
Jay McKean Fisher
Metropolitan Museum of Art

This catalog of 42 remarkable paintings, seen in 60 color plates and 97 duotones, discusses the works at length in light of recent technical and art historical ...

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Jonathan M. Bloom, Beyond Babylon

Beyond Babylon
Jonathan M. Bloom
Metropolitan Museum of Art

Cataloguing nearly 300 extraordinary objects of the 2nd millennium BC, this beautifully produced book examines art created for royal palaces, temples, and ...   

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Caroline Brewester, European Textiles in the Robert Lehman Collection

European Textiles in the Robert Lehman Collection
Caroline Brewester
Metropolitan Museum of Art

In 149 color plates and 222 duotones, this volume catalogs more than 250 textiles and objects made of fabric, many of which were used as hangings, covers, or ...

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