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Aygün Çam, Tarihi ve Kültürel Varliklar Açisindan Baskil

Tarihi ve Kültürel Varliklar Açisindan Baskil  

Aygün Çam  
Platanus Publishing  

Anadolu bin yıllardan beri birçok medeniyete, ulusa, devlete ev sahip-liği yapmış eşsiz topraklardır. Nice hanedanlıklar, nice uluslar yaşam sür-müşlerdir. ...

44.00 23.32 TL
Musab Arslan, İstanbul’un Markalaşma Serüveni

İstanbul’un Markalaşma Serüveni  

Musab Arslan  
Platanus Publishing  

Tıpkı insanlar gibi şehirlerin de doğduğu, büyüdüğü ve yaşlanarak maziye karıştıkları dönemleri vardır. Şehirlerin veya bölgelerin kendine özgü karakterleri ...

76.00 40.28 TL
Charles Dickens, Zwei Stadte

Zwei Stadte  

Charles Dickens  
Platanus Publishing  

"Es war die beste Zeit, es war die schlechteste Zeit. Es war das Zeitalter der Weisheit, es war das Zeitalter der Thorheit; es war die Epoche des Glaubens, es ...

198.00 104.94 TL
Albert Gallatin Mackey, The Principles of Masonic Law

The Principles of Masonic Law  

Albert Gallatin Mackey  
Platanus Publishing  

?Grand Lodges under their present organization, are, in respect to the antiquity of the Order, of a comparatively modern date. We hear of no such bodies in ...

78.00 41.34 TL
Matthew Holbeche Bloxam, The Principles Of Gothic Ecclesiastical Architecture

The Principles Of Gothic Ecclesiastical Architecture  

Matthew Holbeche Bloxam  
Platanus Publishing  

?Towards the end o of the sixth centur y, when Christianity was again propagated in this country by Augustine, Mellitus, and other zealous monks, St. Gregory, ...

68.00 36.04 TL
Charles Dickens, The Magic Fishbone

The Magic Fishbone  

Charles Dickens  
Platanus Publishing  

?There was once a King, and he had a Queen; and he was the manliest of his sex, and she was the loveliest of hers. The King was, in his private profession, ...

22.00 11.66 TL
Harold Whiting Slauson, The Gasoline Motor

The Gasoline Motor  

Harold Whiting Slauson  
Platanus Publishing  

? There are certain events that must happen in a gasoline motor before the engine will run of its own accord. For instance, to obtain successive power ...         

45.00 23.85 TL
William Harmon Norton, The Elements of Geology

The Elements of Geology  

William Harmon Norton  
Platanus Publishing  

?Geology is a science of such rapid growth that no apology is expected when from time to time a new textbookapology textbook is added to those already in the ...

170.00 90.10 TL
James H. Maggard, Rough and Tumble Engineering

Rough and Tumble Engineering  

James H. Maggard  
Platanus Publishing  

?In placing this book before the public the author wishes it understood that it is not his intention to produce a scientific work on engineering. Such a book ...

48.00 25.44 TL
Herbert Allen Giles, Religions of Ancient China

Religions of Ancient China  

Herbert Allen Giles  
Platanus Publishing  

?Philosophical Theor y of the Universe.?The problem of the universe has never offered the slightest difficulty to Chine­se philosophers. Before the beginning ...

30.00 15.90 TL
Xavier Bichat, Physiological Researches On Life and Death Part 2

Physiological Researches On Life and Death Part 2  

Xavier Bichat  
Platanus Publishing  

?In the first part of this work, I have explained the two great divisions of life, together with the remarkabletwo remarkabledifferences, which distinguish ...

61.00 32.33 TL
Rodolfo Amedeo Lanciani, Pagan And Christian Rome

Pagan And Christian Rome  

Rodolfo Amedeo Lanciani  
Platanus Publishing  

?In Rome we have several instances of these private artistic contributions in the service of churches. The pavementcontributions pavement of S. Maria in ...     

129.00 68.37 TL
Annie Payson Call, Nerves And Common Sense

Nerves And Common Sense  

Annie Payson Call  
Platanus Publishing  

p>?People form habits which cause nervous strain. When these habits have fixed themselves for long enoughWhen enough upon their victims, the nerves give way ...

65.00 34.45 TL
Samuel Smiles, Industrial Biography Iron Workers and Tool Makers

Industrial Biography Iron Workers and Tool Makers  

Samuel Smiles  
Platanus Publishing  

?The Author offers the following book as a continua­?continua­tion, in a more generally accessible form, of the Series tion, of Memoirs of Industrial Men ...

127.00 67.31 TL
Jane Addams, Atlantic Classics

Atlantic Classics  

Jane Addams  
Platanus Publishing  

?In this book the author has sketched swiftly the slow stages by which in each of these fields of activity success has beenby beenattained. He has collated ...

83.00 43.99 TL
İvan Sergeyeviç Turgenyev, A Sportsmans Sketches Vol 2

A Sportsman's Sketches Vol 2  

İvan Sergeyeviç Turgenyev  
Platanus Publishing  

?Give me your hand, gentle reader, and come along with me. It is glorious weather; there is a tender blue in the May sky ; the smooth young leaves of the ...   

79.00 41.87 TL
Richard Austin Freeman, A Certain Dr Thorndyke

A Certain Dr Thorndyke  

Richard Austin Freeman  
Platanus Publishing  

?The tropic moon shone brightly on the village of Adaffia in the Bight of Bewnin as a fishing-canoe steered warily through the relatively quiet surf of the ...

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Muhyiddin İbn Arabi, Rahman


Muhyiddin İbn Arabi  
Platanus Publishing  

?Namazdaki en kıymetli şey ise, sözler arasında Allah?ı zikretmek, fiiller arasında en kıymetli şey ise, secde etmektir. Namazın sözlerinden en üstünü, ?Allah ...

141.00 74.73 TL
Muhyiddin İbn Arabi, Rahim


Muhyiddin İbn Arabi  
Platanus Publishing  

?İşlenilen günahın günah olduğuna inanmak ve onun bir kabahat olduğunu bilmek tâattir. Daha günahı işlerken içine ibâdet karışıyor demektir. Bu ibâdetin ...

149.00 78.97 TL
, Sergüzaşk


Platanus Publishing  

Güzel bir kadının, çirkin bir erkeğe deliler gibi tutulması, Hasan'ın mucizesiydi. Sır gibi sakladığı aşkı, büyünün dansıydı. Düştüğü zor durum kalelerini ele ...

76.00 40.28 TL