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Kristen Hard, Chocolate Alchemy: A Bean-To-Bar Primer

Chocolate Alchemy: A Bean-To-Bar Primer
Kristen Hard

This collection of 100 fresh recipes celebrates bean-to-bar chocolate from the ground up. Including a revolutionary recipe for making chocolate from scratch ...

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Voulgaris III, Chris-Craft Boats: An American Classic

Chris-Craft Boats: An American Classic
Voulgaris III

Since 1874, Chris-Craft has built boats of immense beauty that evoke an emotion and passion in all who see them. The varnished mahogany runabouts of ...               

354.35 TL 373,53 TL -5%

Süha Özkan, Transparency&Modernity Tabanlıoğlu Architects

Transparency&Modernity Tabanlıoğlu Architects
Süha Özkan

The first comprehensive volume on the Istanbul-based firm Tabanlio?lu Architects, whose innovative designs come from the modern tradition. The scope of ...         

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Carl Brandon Strehlke, Karin Davie

Karin Davie
Carl Brandon Strehlke

With her bold use of color and undulating, twisting lines, Karin Davie works at the intersection between representation and abstraction, creating sensuous, ... 

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