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M. Banu Aksoy, Henry Matthews, İstanbulun Camileri

İstanbul'un Camileri
M. Banu Aksoy, Henry Matthews
Scala Publishers

İstanbul'un camileri İslam mimarisinin görkemini temsil eder. Camiler, kentin silueti üzerinde yükselen kubbeleriyle, kudretli Osmanlı sultanlarının ...

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Fiorella Bulegato, Nineteenth-Century Art

Nineteenth-Century Art
Fiorella Bulegato
Scala Publishers

Businessman and philanthropist William T. Walters and his son Henry were unusual art collectors for the 19th century, making extensive purchases of the art of ...

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Guillermo Perez, Great Collectors of Our Time

Great Collectors of Our Time
Guillermo Perez
Scala Publishers

In the early 20th century collecting art was primarily a way for individuals to decorate their homes, but by midcentury many artistic works were being acquired ...

248 TL 310,00 TL -20%